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US Democratic Primaries: who won?

After little over a year of hard-fought competition, the Democratic Primaries have come to an end. Former Vice President to Barack Obama, Joe Biden, is the last candidate standing and having been endorsed by all his major rivals, is expected to be crowned the Democratic Nominee at the Party Convention later in the year.   Biden will go head to head with incumbent Donald Trump in the Presidential Election, possibly the most important of a generation, but it wasn’t an easy road for the Pennsylvania native. Right up until his barnstorming win in South Carolina a few days prior to Super Tuesday, he was flagging in the polls, coming behind Pete Buttiegieg, Mayor of South Bend and his main moderate rival, Bernie Sanders, standard bearer for the left and Elizabeth Warren, the progressive Senator for Massachusetts, in the early caucuses.  It’s widely noted that Biden’s shock victory came about as a result of his ability to appeal to black and minority voters who make up a much larger proportion of the electorate in South Carolina than they did in Iowa or Nevada. With race still being a critical issue in American Politics, it was fundamental that the Democratic Candidates could demonstrate broad support across demographics in order to build a winning coalition capable of beating the Republicans – Biden demonstrated this overwhelmingly.  

Despite staying in the race long after his chance of winning had gone, Senator Sanders put up a good fight and has no doubt influenced a number of the former Vice President’s more progressive policy positions, in exchange for his support.  Interestingly, despite commonly being labelled as a member of the Democratic Centre, Biden will be the most progressive Presidential Nominee in history, going so far as to support the Green New Deal, Healthcare Reform and increased Gun Control. Whilst he may have a little way to go to win over Sanders’ more die-hard supporters, it’s widely seen that he has the best chance of beating Trump come November.  As we wait with bated breath to see who Biden’s own VP pick will be – he’s said they will definitely be a woman – it’s time Democrats of all stripes rally around and support him in building a movement of justice, compassion, respect and hope with which to oust the current administration.  

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