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Tories Win Majority Seats, Boris Remains PM.

After voters placed their votes in the ballots of their constituencies yesterday the results have given the Conservatives the majority and has seen some landscapes change from their traditional holdings in this historic general election win.

Labour secured 203 seats, their fewest since 1935, a loss of 59 MPs. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said it was a “very disappointing night” and will not lead the party into the next election. Labour was replaced by Conservatives in a few of their traditional constituencies in the Midlands, North- East and Wales. In the case of places such as Blyth Valley, this will be the first seat for a Conservative MP ever.

Meanwhile Conservatives enjoyed a majority 364 of the 650 seats, gaining 47 more MPs; a majority of 74. Boris Johnson has guaranteed Brexit being done on time: the 31st of January. Johnson hails it as the biggest conservative win since 1987 after Margaret Thatcher’s triumph.

Many students decided to vote in Reading instead of their permanent home address, something which RUSU president Molli Cleaver has encouraged before “The student vote at Reading is so incredibly important because it can hold so much power and influence. Students have the special privilege of being able to vote at their home or term time address so you can decide where your vote will have most impact. Young people have such an important voice and people can underestimate that.”

Students at the University of Reading have also shared mixed feelings. Some are pleased with the election results “I’m pretty chuffed, more so now that we have a government that can actually govern, the future looks bright”. However, students which did not vote conservative have said they feel let down “I am sad and scared about the result. It shocks me that so many people voted against the promising manifesto that labour put forward instead for someone with no concern for anyone other than rich white men like himself. The next 5 years do not look bright, but I hope people will learn their lesson for future results”.

The goal for this new government now is to ‘get Brexit done’, the prime minister will now focus on this in Brussels, allowing Britain to finally leave the EU a year after originally planned, 3 and half years after the original vote to leave. We will see on the 31st of January if after 40 years since joining, Britain will be able to leave.


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