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These were last term’s successful ChangeIt ideas.

ChangeIt is an online platform which provides students with a voice to share their ideas for improving or changing the university. 

Each term, a number of ideas are submitted and then passed or rejected at a termly Student Voice meeting. Two campaign ideas and one policy idea are then chosen, requiring support from 200 students, in a campus-wide vote.  

Last term’s successful ChangeIt ideas are as follows: RUSU to campaign for the University to introduce a security text service, RUSU to campaign for the University to make parking on campus more accessible for studentsand RUSU to write a sustainable crockery and cutlery policy. 

Taz Usher– the student that proposed the security text service idea– believes that the option to text security as well as calling them would make the university’s 24-hour security service “much safer and more effective 

Taz was inspired to put forward her security text service idea as a result of her own experience of needing to report suspicious behaviour to security, but needing to do so subtly and quickly.  

She also said: “ A security text service would benefit students from all backgrounds, particularly students with disabilities, such as those who are deaf or hard of hearing”. 

Taz added: “My idea offerboth a safer and more practical solution to reporting safety issues on campus”.  

The second successful campaign idea was submitted by RUSU President Molli Cleaver after hearing from various students about how important the issue was to them. Molli’s proposal aims to make parking more accessible to students by making parking more affordable to those who need it. Currently, the university provides free parking to students with disabilities, however not many students are able to access these places. Consequently, the new ChangeIt idea is encouraging adjustments to help alleviate the problem.  

The successful policy idea- RUSU to write a sustainable crockery and cutlery policy– was submitted by student, Kim Coleman. The idea aims to drive the university towards a greater initiative of being environmentally friendly 

If you like any of the ideas remember to show your support over the next two years to keep them in place 

For more information about the ChangeIt scheme visit www.rusu.co.uk/representation/change-it/ 

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