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THE FLYING DRONE: here’s how to use yours within the law.

If you haven’t heard of a Drone, you’re living under a rock. Ironically, that’s where most of them end up!  

Since the invention of the camera in the 1800s, technology has advanced quite rapidly; the thought of a flying camera would have been like the thought of a flying car in today’s day and age. The Drone was used earlier on, during the 1800s, for military purposes, when the Australian soldiers attacked Venice.  It was later launched publicly in February 2002. It has become a trend for Photography in the media industry with influencers from YouTube, various films and generally, the technological advancements has allowed the use of the Drone to become apparent today.  

Drones have been both a thrill and a weapon, it can take some incredible views that the people could not capture, but has unfortunately invaded privacy of others and private land to where the law is reinforced. There are certain restrictions to where you can fly this newly, developing piece of technology. It must always be under your control within sight of 500m and flying it near an airport or by any other air craft is not permitted. It’s definitely forbidden flying it over congested areas such as streets, towns and cities. If you own a drone that weighs between 250kg and 20kg, you need to ensure that it has been registered as the legal owner. 

The reason why the law was enforced on the Drone was because of disruption in November 2018 when Drone’s were being flown over the UK’s busiest airport in Gatwick. They were flying over the runway where the aeroplanes were trying to take off. This caused a lot of inconvenience to the people and delayed around 1000 flights. Due to this, the owner of the Drone MUST register their details with the Civil Aviation Authority or will face a £1000 fine. The Drone operator must be over 18, and pay a £9 annual fee. The yearly fee isn’t worth getting a fine, so if you own a Drone and wish to use it, I’d look up how to get registered. 

To where technology is growing exponentially, Drone’s may be used as Taxi services in the near future from the decision of a Chinese company called ‘EHANG’ in Dubai. This automated vehicle is a 2 seat, flying vehicle which lifts and lands just like a helicopter. 


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