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The Big RUSU Update 

Achievements and progress were celebrated last month at the annual Big RUSU Update Conference. 


The event- which took place on Tuesday, January 21st  attracted a promising attendance of 125 students and saw representatives from RUSU summarise the charity’s work from the past year.  


Student Social Venues and Events- which includes entertainment, 3sixty, Café Mondial, Monterey, Mojos, Catering and Events- saw a reduction in both income and surplus and contributed £82k compared with £202k the previous year. It was noted that this was a good result for an area that is in decline nationally.   

The income granted to the Student Activity groups- which includes sports, societies, RAG, volunteering and student media- increased again from £232k to £247k. 

The Business Development Area-which focuses on generating new income from the existing RUSU facilities- increased its income level from £272k to £299k and produced an overall surplus of £50k 


The following campaigns were also praised for their positive impact on University life: 


  • ‘Embody Positivity Campaign’ to advocate body positivity 
  • ‘Never Okay’ campaign to raise awareness of bullying and harassment with an online reporting system 
  • ‘Good lad initiative’ to run workshops to promote equal gender relationship and improve attitudes to male students  
  • ‘Live Mojo’ showcasing amazing musical talent 
  • ‘Hello Neighbour’ campaign to promote positive engagement in relation to the local community 
  • ‘Diversity Digest’, a digital platform to celebrate culture and community across campus 
  • ‘Zero Tolerance’, a policy against sexual harassment and discrimination 
  • ‘Speak Up, Stay Safe’, a platform allowing students to report areas which don’t feel safe 
  • Guarantor scheme ensuring all students have equal access to private rental contracts 
  • ‘Veggie Pledge’ to reduce student meat consumption in January 
  • ‘Let’s Start Talking’ to promote a space for students to open up about their mental health issues and free sanitary product provision. 


In the coming year RUSU says it will keep working hard to improve student life at the University. 


And some of its upcoming plans which students can look forward to include the instalment of glass pods on campus to increase study space, a Mojo’s renovation, new options in the campus merchandise store, a platform informing students about talks on campus, a Sporting Excellence Scholarship, a 3G pitch on campus, and working with Olio: a food recycling app that students and businesses such as Mondial can donate their food waste to.  


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