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Safety could be just a text away- providing you vote for this ChangeIT idea!

Ever been in a dangerous situation at university and needed to get out of it quickly and discreetly? 

Whilst the University of Reading’s fantastic 24 hour security service provides guaranteed support to students who call the security helpline, there is currently not an option for students to request help from the security team via text.

In some situations ringing a helpline could increase the danger of a scenario and make you more vulnerable, and therefore the option to text message security would be a much more subtle way of doing so.

There needs to be a quick, simple, and silent way to alert university staff about safety issues.

My ChangeIT! campaign is calling for the University’s security team to implement a text option to their service. This would replicate the service that the British police service have already put in place and would allow students to either text a short memorable number with a request for help, or to access a message platform on the uniRDg mobile app; depending on what the university deems will be most effective. The option for students to share their location with security staff (providing they give permission) would also be beneficial.

The text service would also make security services more accessible; for example, for those who are deaf or hard of hearing.


To vote for my ChangeIT idea and give it the 200 votes it needs to pass visit www.rusu.co.uk/elections/ballot/676/7194/.  


You can also view the other ChangeIT ideas at www.rusu.co.uk/representation/change-it/new-ideas/.

Voting is open til Friday, 5pm – there are 6 campaign ideas and one policy idea.

You vote for campaign ideas by choosing your order of preference – ideas need over 200 votes and to be one of the top two ideas to win.

If an idea is passed, an Officer will work on it for two years or until the aim is achieved.

Voting is open until this Friday at 5pm. 

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