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RUSU Elections 2020 Results: Interview with new Trans Students’ Officer Lennox Bruwer

This year’s RUSU Elections Results Part was hosted in 3sixty on Friday evening- February, March 28th -The Spark Newspaper was there to cover the events on the night.

Among the successful candidates was Lennox Bruwer who is RUSU’s new Trans Students’ Officer. Spark reporter Madelyn Morgan caught up with Lennox to find out more.

How does it feel to have won?
“It feels pretty great, I was running unopposed but there was definitely a bit of nerves in the end.”

How has your experience of campaigning been? Have you had any challenges?
“My experience has been overall very positive; it’s really been rather chill, but a bit nerve-wracking at times as well.”

What are you most looking forward to about your role?
“I’ m looking forward to working with students running campaigns running some educations workshops, getting the word out and meeting as any students as I possibly can.”

What you’re most exited to start implementing from your manifesto, or what do you really want to change at the university?
“I would really like to change the systems with chosen names, because I know a lot of students have really struggled with their legal names being used instead of their chosen name. I would really like to open up this conversation with relevant members of staff and making sure that proper change is made to make students feel safe.”

Is there a message you would like to give to our readers?
“I’m non-binary, I would like to raise some more awareness to what it means to be non-binary and I would like to reach out to others to learn what it means to be beyond the binary and what gender mght mean to them. I want people to know it’s ok to exist outside the binary.”

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