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Image by Zara Barrett

RUSU Elections 2020 Results: Interview with new student trustee James Wilson

On Friday evening- February, 28th -The Spark Newspaper covered this year’s RUSU Elections Results Party hosted in 3sixty.

Among the many successful candidates was James Wilson, one of RUSU’s newly elected student trustees for the year 2020/21. Spark reporter Eden James caught up with James after his winner’s speech to find out more.


How does it feel to have won?

“Feels great, I am grateful to everyone that voted.”


What are you most looking forward to about your role?

“I think I am looking forward to hopefully changing the process of upper management and executive decisions, representing the real student voice.”


What has been your favourite part of campaigning?

“I think designing the online media, I ran a completely online campaign because I had a lot of deadlines.”

“I enjoyed making the campaign posters.”


What are you going to bring to the role?

“I’d like to bring efficiency to the role, previous experience, I believe that I can make executive decision making quicker and more efficient in the way it’s done.”


Image by Zara Barrett

The other elected student trustee was Sheldon Allen. To view Sheldon’s interview visit https://sparknewspaper.co.uk/news/rusu-elections-2020-results-interview-with-new-student-trustee-sheldon-allen/.

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