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RUSU Elections 2020 Results: Interview with new LGBQ+ Officer Amy Edwards

This year’s RUSU Elections Results Part was hosted in 3sixty on Friday evening- February, 28th -The Spark Newspaper were there to cover the events on the night.

Among the successful candidates was Amy Edwards who is RUSU’s new LGBQ+ Officer. Spark reporter Eden James caught up with Amy to find out more.


How do you feel about winning?

“Quite pleased, well supported.”


What’s been your favourite thing about campaigning?

“Probably the fact that most of the people that have been voting for me or who are eligible to vote for me already know who I am because I have been welfare rep for the [LGBT+] society the entire year.  So, it’s meant it’s just been kind of going into our bi-weekly coffee hour and talking with people I am already familiar with which has been quite nice.”

“Also, the fact that a lot of the people on the committee also ran for different roles in RUSU means I had that support already kind of built into it which has been quite nice.”

“There’s been a very supportive environment for campaigning.”


What are you looking forward to most about the role?

“Honestly, the opportunity to overlook the policies that exist already and to work with the newly elected officers to implement changes.”

“I know there are some things that need to be improved somethings that are already very good and overlooking and possibly addressing any policy changes that need to be made.”


What would you say is the manifesto point you’re most excited about putting into place?

“Bit of a confession to make, my manifesto was submitted as a lesser priority above three assignments.”

“I’m mostly going to focus on the aspect of reform, because I was asked in question time what would you do to challenge homophobia, and I think I would probably review the existing policies and change them as and when necessary and working with the other officers.”

“I suppose from my manifesto it kind of would be working with the part-time and diversity officers to promote student experience.”

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