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RUSU Elections 2020 Results: Interview with new International Students’ Officer Sampson Koo

On Friday evening- February, 28th– The Spark Newspaper covered this year’s RUSU Elections Results Party hosted in 3sixty.

Among the many successful candidates was Sampson Koo, RUSU’s new 2020/21 Part-Time International Students’ Officer. Spark reporter Taz Usher caught up with Sampson after his winner’s speech to find out more.


  1. How does it feel to have won? Can you describe your experience of running for the role?

“Really great. I campaigned four to six hours per day this week until the last minute.”

“This election has really been a trial for me, I didn’t care whether I won or not because I might be going into politics in the future so this is one of my first trial and error experiences for this sort of thing.”

“I’ve gained a lot of skills but I definitely still have things to improve on because my friends told me that some of my campaigning strategies could be delivered better. My experience of politics did help me though as I’ve had experience of campaigning and being part of a political party back in Hong Kong which I was apply to apply to this.”


  1. What are you most looking forward to about your role?

“I want to carry out the points on my manifesto, I’ll especially be boosting communication with students. For example, I’ll be standing around Palmer or the Library just listening to their opinions; what most politicians would usually do.”

“I think that improving the connection is actually why I want to step into this role. Currently not many students really approach RUSU directly so I think that I need to take this motivation and take this initiative to actually be the footstep between RUSU and students.”


  1. Could you tell me about some of the projects you have lined up as part of your new role?

“I’ll also be launching International Week as part of my manifesto which will include a lot of events that all people can participate in.”

“Nowadays not many people know about different cultures so the purpose of International Week is to launch different days tied to different cultures, for example Chinese Day, Middle East Day, so more students would learn more about these cultures and make friends from different nations.”

“I also want to cooperate with the Full-Time Officers to deal with the study space issue because technically lots of students, especially international students, have been complaining that there aren’t enough study spaces on campus so I’ll try to work with different students to deal with this issue.”

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