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Image by Zara Barrett

RUSU Elections 2020 Results: Interview with new Activities Officer Alex Rose

This year’s RUSU Elections Results Party was hosted in 3sixty on Friday evening, February, 28th. The Spark Newspaper were there to cover the events on the night.

Among the successful candidates was Alex Rose who is RUSU’s new Activities Officer.  Spark reporter Eden James caught up with Alex to find out more.


How does it feel to have won?

“It feels fantastic actually, I was very concerned just because I was the only Activities candidate because everyone else dropped out.”


How has your experience of campaigning been?

“I think it was really interesting actually, just creating the poster, the manifesto, talking to everyone, getting to know everyone.

“It was interesting how many people I didn’t know because it’s my fourth year in Reading, so it was surprising how many people I’d actually engaged with over the years and then began campaigning for me.”


Did you find any challenges with the campaign?

“Making my poster, I’m not the most artsy person.”


Apart from winning, what’s been your most memorable part of the week?

“Probably meeting all the other candidates for the other [positions], because they were really nice people and it was interesting to see the diversity of the different people and the different things they’d engaged in at the University.

“It made me realise actually how much I hadn’t done at the university.”


Image by Zara Barrett


What are you most looking forward to about the role?

“Making a difference, it sounds really corny, but I do genuinely want to help the University and I really like all the different societies which is why I’m in about ten of them.”


In your manifesto, you talk about quiet sociable nights for mature students, what sort of events would you do for that?

“I was thinking that park house is an underutilised location on campus so I was thinking that we could do more quiet quiz nights and social events there because I think it’s a perfect location.

“I know a number of societies have run events such as that in there and I thought it would be great for different individuals, more mature students who might not want to go out to union or do long drinking nights.”

“It would be perfect to go and engage with each other.”

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