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RUSU at the ready with Ask for Angela

Words by Sabita Burke, Sub editor for The Spark. 


The national support system devised by the police, Ask for Angela, has come to RUSU, thanks to Welfare Officer Dan Bentley.  


Originally spearheaded in London with aims to reduce incidents of sexual violence and vulnerability, customers at venues supporting the campaign are encouraged to use the code-word “Ask for Angela” or to ask, “Is Angela working?” in order to alert staff that they felt unsafe or threatened.  


Dan found that many committees and students around campus were not aware of the national campaign. He hopes to give more exposure to this discreet system of finding help when vulnerable people most need it.  


He noted: “It’s for everybody, regardless of gender”.  


Going forward, Dan plans to weave #AskforAngela into a lot more of the welfare training RUSU provides. It’s an ongoing campaign that RUSU’s Events team will be able to implement in the future. 


If you feel unsafe in any way during any of RUSU’s venues including Union or Mojo’s, simply find a member of staff and ask the question “Is Angela working?” They will then help you out quickly and safely.  


Dan said: “Whether it’s a Union night or during the day, we’re here to help everyone!”  

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