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Rumours of a World War 3? The facts.

Around the world WW3 became the trending topic across social media and the news in reaction to the US airstrikes that Killed Qassem Soleimani one of the countries most celebrated military strategists on Friday January 3rd 2020. Iran has vowed to “turn day into night” after Donald Trump’s open mockery. Many are concerned at the possibility that this could trigger a world war three as well as the UK becoming involved. 

Many would have seen the trending World War III had been used more than 201,000 times by 1pm, according to Yahoo statistics, the day following the attack at one point, the term “Franz Ferdinand” was also trending. 

The airstrike took place near Baghdad airportas ordered by President Donald Trump. The Pentagon has stated is was “aimed at deterring future Iranian attack plans”. tensions between the US and Iran have been growing since 2018 when Donald Trump announced the US would be withdrawing from the 2015 nuclear deal. 

General Soleimani was influential in Iran’s influence in the Middle East as the leader for military operation in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq. However, the US has labelled him and his force as terrorists, making them responsible for the deaths of hundreds of US personnel. 

Soleimani’s death provoked huge upset and anger in Iran. Iranian officials have warned the killing of General Soleimani amounts to an act of war that will be met with strong retaliationIran’s retaliation was attacking air bases which were housing US forces. Iraqi parliament voted for US troop to leave however; political chaos could mean the departure could take some time for formal requests. 

In relation to the UK it is unlikely Iran will seek to act against them. There is no danger of nuclear action either as such Iran does not have a nuclear weapons programme as it has been insisted, they did not want a nuclear bomb.  

It has been speculated that the strike against General Soleimani suggests an increasing confidence by Trump in the use of military power. 

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