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Research claims hangovers could be genetic

A RECENT study by Australian scientists claims that we can now blame our hangovers on our parents and not on jaeger-bombs, well, 45% of it anyway.

Although most of the headache-ridden Sundays do depend on what you drink and how much, according to the results, genetics were responsible for 45% of the difference in the number of hangovers in women and 40% in men.

The study examined twins and looked for links between participants’ genetic makeups and the number of hangovers experienced over the past year. In the study, approximately 4,000 middle-aged people from the Australian Twin Registry participated in a telephone survey, reporting their experiences with hangovers and alcohol consumption. The participants recounted how many times they had gotten drunk in the past year, along with their “hangover frequency”, which is the number of days in the previous year they felt sick the day after drinking. They also reported their “hangover resistance”, which was whether or not they had ever experienced a hangover after getting drunk.

The links between identical twins’ experiences found that nearly half of the reason some of us wake up with a dizzy head and a fragile stomach while others are ready for another round, is due to our genetics.

The other half, unsurprisingly, is due to the environment and the amount you drink and how quickly.

Future research will look into the connection between genes and alcohol addiction, in order to prevent the illness.

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