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Reading University admits to supporting pheasant shooting on its grounds

Our University has recently been subject to the spotlight thanks to various news outlets, but this time for a more controversial reason than usual 


Leading animal welfare charity League Against Cruel Sports spoke out about the actions committed by the University. In a letter they sent to the Vice Chancellor Professor Robert Van de Noort, they urged him to consider ending the shootings at Hall Farm, Aborfield, when its game shooting license expires in February.  


Shooters regularly purge the natural habitats which are home to our entire ecosystems. Gamesmen commit this in ainhumane manner, often only wounding the pheasants when shot out of the sky, rather than being killed instantly.  


Because of this, many birds hit the ground in agony from painful injuries, while others are beaten to death with a stick. Shooters also break the necks of many of these creatures in an effort to end their lives in the name of sport. 


However, it is not just pheasants who suffer. Wildlife such as foxes, stoats, weasels and corvids are ensnared in traps where they starve to death, or are shot by gamekeepers in an effort to endanger natural predators, to keep the birds as a supply for their sport 


A student from the University said: “I am ashamed to be part of a university that allows this to take place on its lands, despite trying to market itself as an ethical institution through unaffordable eco-friendly marketplaces. I hope the University will take action to make animal welfare on its land a top priority and ban this sickening and shocking practice.”  


There are ways that we as students can get involved in the League’s campaign against this cruelty. Contact the Vice Chancellor to back an end to the shootings through the action alert at https://takeaction.league.org.uk/page/48405/action/1. The process takes under a minute, so take a moment to help out those in need, and share with your friends!  







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