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Reading Buses propose positive changes for University bus service

Reading Buses have announced that they are planning changes to the bus routes which run through Whiteknights campus. The Claret service (20, 20a and 21) currently works as a combined service but the Claret 21 has been the much stronger service of the three.

Reading Buses have therefore proposed some changes to the service and are looking for feedback from the people that their changes will be affecting. Much of what they are proposing is in response to comments by people from the University and they are very keen to improve these services by revisiting the timetables and giving UoR staff, students and visitors the best experience that they can.

The proposed changes are as follows:

The Claret 21 will have the same route and will increase from its current service of every 15 minutes Monday to Friday to every 10 minutes during the daytime of Monday to Saturdays over the entire route. There will also be a 21a introduced during University term time that will bolster the route between the University and Central Reading to provide a 5-minute service over this part of the route. Finally, the Claret 21 will become a 24-hour operation with buses running every hour during the week and half an hour on Friday and Saturday nights until the small hours and then hourly overnight until the following morning’s service starts.

The Claret 20/20a will be replaced by new services that would be operated by smaller single deck buses. This new service would run along the more direct route via the Royal Berkshire Hospital, Whiteknights Road and Earley Gate. This service would no longer go through the main campus of the University but when combined with the existing route 19/19a service, the residents of Addington Road, Eastern Avenue and Whiteknights Road areas, as well as students living in the Halls of Residence on the north side of campus, would have access to an increased 20 minute service.

All of these proposed changes is initial information and Reading Buses are looking for feedback on these plans, whether you think that they will be a good idea or not and for any reservations, suggestions and opinions on the proposed changes.

Anyone who is interested in supplying feedback for Reading Buses should do so by emailing: consultation@reading-buses.co.uk before the closing date on Friday 18 April. All of the information on the proposed changes, which includes a detailed map, can be accessed here and for general University bus related information, please click here.

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