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Midnight library proves a hit with students

EXAM season is in full swing, and the University library’s 24-hour service has proved to be a huge hit with students.

Although some students initially doubted whether the library would be used around the clock, the exam period has transformed the library into a student magnet.

The midnight library sits in stark contrast to how students received exams in the 1970s. Indeed, Reading students called for the abolition of exams during this decade, but now, students are spending every minute of the day to prepare for them.

The library recorded that even at 3:30am, more than 100 students were busy working in the building.

One student said: “You have to get in before 8:00am to get a place,” before adding: “We’re under more pressure to do well, we have to work harder.”

Indeed, since the rise in student fees to £9,000 a year, students are wanting to make the most of the facilities available to them, and not to follow the well-known student stereotype of spending more time partying than working.

The key to university life nowadays, therefore, lies in creating a perfect balance between the two.

The University’s librarian, Julia Munro, commented that would-be students who visit on open days use the library as the main source of comparison to the other places they have visited.

Universities across the country are re-creating their facilities to accommodate for what students want, and to make sure that students choose them over others.

She said: “They tell us they want to study when they want to study – and if they want to study at 02:00am, they think they should be able to.”

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