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Library to undergo further refurbishments

FURTHER refurbishment to the library is estimated to take place after exams on Monday 16th June. Set to be completed by the end of September 2014, this refurbishment will further improve upon the 1960s building.

£2.4 million pounds of University investment is allowing the 3rd and 4th floors to be improved upon, along with Ground Floor decoration, upgraded staircases and new toilets, with the infamous Ground Floor unisex toilet undergoing meiosis and splitting into separate Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s conveniences over a period of 8 weeks starting after the conclusion of exams. This new refurbishment follows that of the 2nd and 5th floors which began in June and were completed in October and November 2013 respectively, funded from another previous investment of over £2 million pounds from the University.

Due to these alterations over the summer, sections of the 3rd Floor Arts and Humanities and 4th Floor Social Sciences material may occasionally have their access restricted, though the library staff will offer a ‘fetch and carry’ service allowing for material in these sections to be accessed. Similarly, stock movement is expected to take place, with the Teaching Practice Collection and music CDs moving from the 4th floor to the 3rd floor.

Access to the library will be slightly impeded, with the left-hand entrance being restricted allowing work on the heating system. The revolving door and right-hand entrance are to remain functional however, with a Campus Card being required to enter between midnight and 08:00, by use of a swipe-card system at the right-hand entrance. The presence of a contractor’s compound will also mean a temporary, minor relocation of the disabled parking bays from near the Chaplaincy to near the Cedars Hotel entrance.

Reaction to the refurbishment of the 2nd and 5th floors has been largely positive, with students commenting on the innovative new design that increases the conductivity of learning. The expected new layout and designs of the 3rd and 4th floors should allow for similar improvements.

For further major developments and the latest updates, information is available at blogs.reading.ac.uk/librarynews/

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