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It’s only spring, honest!

With the summer term approaching fast and exams even faster, the weather does its normal trick in trying to sway us from our desks. The warmer than average temperatures that we saw over campus on Tuesday the 14th and Wednesday the 15th of April reached a high of 24°C on Wednesday. This is well above the monthly average for Reading. The average daytime temperature in Reading ranges from about 12°C at the beginning of the month to 15°C nearing the end of April.  However, this wasn’t the hottest temperature Reading has seen over years: on the 16th of April 1949 we saw a record temperature of 26.2°C. Reading is forecast to return to normal monthly averages for the rest of the month. As for those “April showers”, the month so far has appeared shower-free. The mean rainfall for April here on campus accumulates to only 48mm, which normally falls in one day.  

Do these warmer spring temperatures mean a hot summer? As it’s still the middle of spring, summer temperatures are still hard to accurately predict. Reading articles declaring it’s going to be a “BBQ summer” are not reliable or well researched. Current seasonal outlooks produced by the Met Office are indicating that temperatures do not appear to be any colder than average, but certainly not apocalyptically hot.  However, for now, we shall just have to wait until summer comes and enjoy the gorgeous spring weather!

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