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Give something new a go (and not alone!) this term with the Buddy Scheme.

The Buddy Scheme is for anyone who wants to try something new in 2020.

If you’d like to try a sport or society but aren’t sure about going on your own, you can sign up and be paired with somebody else in the same boat- whether you’re nervous about going on your own, or just want to go with a friend to make it more fun.

I ran the scheme at the beginning of Autumn term and we had 134 people sign up! They were all paired with each other for a sport they’d listed as one they wanted to try.

87% were paired for the sport they’d listed as their first choice. People used the buddy scheme to get involved with a huge range of clubs- almost every sport and dance was named as something a student wanted to try. The clubs that the most people named were Badminton and Yogalates.

Lots of students join new clubs in the Spring term as part of Refresher’s and Give it a Go fortnight- and with this scheme, you definitely won’t be alone.

This time round we’re running it for anyone who wants to join a sport, society, volunteering opportunity, or student media stream. There’s a lot to choose from- you can find out about them all at rusu.co.uk/activities. Whether you’ve never done that activity before or just haven’t got around to joining this year, if you sign up to the Buddy Scheme you won’t have to go alone.


  • Buddy Scheme opens 6th January
  • Refresher’s Fayre 21st January 11am-3pm.
    You can meet the committees of our 200+ student groups and have a think about which you want to join. You can also sign up to the buddy scheme in person, or ask any questions you have about it at the RUSU stall. There is a quiet hour 2-3pm, where there will be no music, and nobody will be approaching you as you walk around.
  • Buddy Scheme closes 21st January (11:59pm)
  • You’ll receive your email introducing you to your buddy on the 22nd or 23rd. The email will tell you which club you’re both interested in, and when their Give it a Go session is. Then, with your buddy, you can arrange going to the session!

To get involved visit www.rusu.co.uk/buddy.

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