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Drake made a surprise appearance during Giggs’ Reading set

The crowd went wild after a huge rapper ran out on stage during Giggs’ main stage performance at Reading Festival this afternoon.

Drake joined English rapper Giggs on stage and performed ‘KMT’ to a crowd of thousands in a surprise appearance by the Canadian rap artist.

Fans went absolutely mental as they realised the one and only Drake revealed he had travelled seven hours to the festival.

Giggs had been making his debut performance on the Main Stage when he brought out Drake, who has 36.2 million Twitter followers and is known and loved around the globe.

People flocked to the main stage as the word that Drake had appeared spread like wildfire throughout the festival grounds.

One festival-goer said: “I couldn’t believe it was him. I never thought I’d get to see him live and this has made my Reading experience unforgettable. Thank you, Giggs, for sharing the stage with my all time favourite artist.”

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