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Change It! & Student Voice (April Update)

The Spring 2019 ‘Change It!’ Results! 

Voting Period: Mon 18th March 2019 – Fri 22nd March 2019 

Voting Turnout: Campaign Vote (368 votes) + Policy Vote (467 votes) = 835 votes cast 


Campaigns passed: RUSU to campaign for the provision of environmentally friendly products (202 votes).  

Policies passed: Should RUSU support the People’s Vote Campaign? (467 votes). 

  • FOR the motion: 356 votes (76.2%) 
  • AGAINST the motion: 91 votes (19.4%) 
  • Abstentions cast: 20 (4.4%) 


The ‘Change It!’ submissions so far… 

  • Creation of a pedestrian crossing on Whiteknights Road outside Wessex Hall/Bridges Hall to allow pedestrians safe passage.  
  • Leftover food from University cafeterias to be donated to local homeless charities to reduce campus food waste.  
  • University counselling service to be freely accessible to all students and for counselling appointments to be available at more regular intervals.  
  • Hot water to be provided across all university cafeterias to minimize hot drink cost to students and reduce university waste. 
  • Introduction of trigger warnings for course texts that contain information about traumatising topics (e.g. abuse) so that students with related experiences are aware of the content and can prepare themselves (e.g. arrangements with staff) for study.  
  • Heavy duty hole punches & staplers to be available for student use in all main study areas across campus, so that students can keep their documents organised and reduce the need for them to bring their own.  
  • Cigarette waste disposal to be included on all bins across university campuses to minimize cigarette litter.  
  • Creation of an additional entrance to Whiteknights Campus next to Car Park 7, including the provision of a pedestrian/cyclist crossing and a cycling lane down Wellington Avenue to increase road safety for residents around Northcourt Avenue that cycle to campus.  
  • RUSU Environment & Ethics Officer to be made into a full-time role in order to ensure that both RUSU and the university’s environmental impact is closely monitored and that both organisations lead the way in making all University of Reading campuses environmentally friendly.  
  • Student souvenirs to be made more affordable.  


What do you think of these ideas championed by fellow students? Be sure to comment your thoughts on RUSU’s ‘Change It!’ webpage! For a campaign or policy idea to be passed, it must receive a minimum of 200 votes so be sure to vote during the next voting round of ‘Change It!’ and attend the next Student Voice meeting to support the changes you’d like to occur.   

Save the Dates! 

Student Voice: Thurs 16th May 2019 

Change It! Ideas Deadline: Tues 30th April 2019 (12pm) 

Change It! Voting Period: Mon 20th May (10am) – Fri 24th May 2019 (5pm) 

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