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Behind the scenes of Reading Fess

Reading Fess has blown up on Facebook; it is a place where students can send in anonymous confessions to be posted on the page.  There is such a range of submissions from admitting crushes to asking for advice and shout outs of everyone from bagel man to the campus ducks. With almost 4,500 likes it is clearly very popular but not only with students even the University of Reading’s social media account will comment from time to time.  I was able to ask the admins some questions to see what it was like behind the scenes, read on to find out what they said!

 What made you want to start the page in the first place? 

‘I saw that other universities all had a similar page, and that the old one for Reading University, called Reading Uni Confessions hadn’t been updated since 2013. I had seen how engaging other university’s versions had been to students and wanted to bring that to Reading’ 

 How many submissions would you say you receive on average per day?  How has this grown since you first started? 

‘It started off with the original admin, making up fake posts for the page, just to get people interacting with it. Within a few months, hordes of submissions came willingly in from students of all years and courses. On average, now there are at least 500 submissions every day.’ 

 How did you go about finding admins, did you all do it from the start or did others join as the page grew? 

‘I stared it by myself in January 2019 and gradually I invited friends I had specifically chosen to join the admin team. We even selected some people who were just really enthusiastic about Reading Fess.’ 

 Did you ever think the page would blow up as big as it did? 

‘I had no idea it would become what it is today. I had always hoped it would, considering other confession pages for other Universities but I have been hugely surprised and satisfied with how many people talk about Reading Fess. 

 What is your favourite Reading Fess? 

‘My personal favourites have been the poetry that talented students have written’  

I am always happy to see that important current issues are debated on Reading Fess.’ 

 Have you ever regretted posting a fess? 

Regrettably, we do wish certain posts had not slipped through the submission selection process. We never have any intention of offending anyone, and it can be difficult to tell if the nature of the post is kindif it includes an inside joke or situation.’ 

 Do you post every fess sent in, if not how do you decide what to post? 

We don’t post every submission sent in; it is important to have admins for the page that can be so controversial at times. There are multiple reasons why a post doesn’t get posted. It either is too offensive or there will be multiple submissions of the same post, and lastly… a lot of posts are just boring!’  

‘We pride ourselves on creating a fun, interesting and engaging page!’    

 Have you ever had any complaints about what you have posted? 

In the first few months since the page was created, we did have a lot of complaints from people who were offended by the posts that either were negative on a society or social event.’  

‘You can normally tell pretty quickly by the response if people are offended or not.’ 

 They also wanted to add; ‘I am proud of Reading Fess and all the admins would like to thank everyone who has helped it become what it is today.’ 

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