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Photo by israel palacio on Unsplash
Photo by israel palacio on Unsplash

Battle of the Brains: students and staff prepare for BBC Radio quiz show taking place next week.

Students and staff will go head to head in a lively quiz show next Tuesday as BBC Radio 4 head onto campus to record the latest instalment of The 3rd Degree.

The general knowledge and specialist subject contest, hosted by comedian and actor Steve Punt, will pit three undergraduates against three staff members to decide whether it really is the teacher that knows best.

The participants- selected from UoR’s English Language, Law, and Film, Theatre & Television departments- will take part in quickfire bell-and-buzzer rounds as well as facing individual questions.

Professor Paul Almond, who will represent the School of Law, said:  “I’m looking forward to taking part in the show as I think it is great opportunity to get involved in something that brings staff and students together.

“It gives a chance to show that we are all just learners and in the same boat together, with areas of knowledge and blind spots.

“I also just love taking part in quizzes, and Pointless turned my application down. Students should come along because they stand to see how much more they know than we do.

“I haven’t looked at areas of private law like contract for 20 years, and the Law students did it six months ago. Who do you reckon knows more about it?”

Professor Jane Setter-who is also looking forward to the event- said: “I’m taking part for fun, mostly. And of course to highlight the importance and diversity of English Language and Linguistics as a subject.”

Recorded at a different University each week, The 3rd Degree is now in its 10th year and hopes to continue tradition by providing viewers with an evening of entertainment and knowledge during its visit to UoR’s Whiteknights campus.

And taking place in a venue which seats 100 people, students are invited to join the audience and support their fellow classmates and lecturers.

The third member of staff joining the quiz panel, John Whitney said: “I’d encourage students to come and watch as it’s definitely going to be entertaining.”

“A battle of wits between tutor and student. Some bizzare questions are guaranteed.”

Mr Whitney- who is not a stranger to the show- added: “I competed as a student before, so i’m looking forward to seeing if I can be on the winning team this time.”

The 3rd Degree will take place on Tuesday, January 28th from 6pm until 7pm in the Minghella Studios on UoR’s Whiteknights campus.

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