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Apply now to join next year’s student media committees

Applications are now open for UoR’s 2020/21 media stream committees.

The streams- which comprise The Spark Newspaper, RUTV and Junction 11- are looking to fill positions including chief editors and managers, as well as secretaries and social reps.

Students who apply for the roles must be members of the university for the next academic year, and those who are successfully placed in the positions will join the committee from February onwards.

Commenting on her roles in The Spark during her three years at UoR, current Print Editor Taz Usher said: “I have been a part of The Spark since my first week of university and have never once regretted my decision to join the society.

“Throughout my membership I have occupied the positions of writer, Print Entertainment Editor and Print Editor and have made many friends and memories that I will cherish as part of my student experience.

“Writing for The Spark not only opens up so many career opportunities to you, but it helps you to grow as a person in terms of organisation, attentiveness, and a commitment to empowering the voices of others.

She added: “Highlights of my time in The Spark include reporting at Reading Festival 2019, attending a weekend conference and awards ball in Cardiff, and winning media stream of the year, two years in a row.”

Current Secretary and Socials Rep of The Spark, Olivia Mill also expressed the enjoyment she has gained from the role. She said: “Being a part of The Spark has been a great experience for me, not only because of all the friends I’ve made but also for the sense of achievement I’ve got from writing articles, planning events and seeing the paper come into print each month.”

Media stream membership can be valuable in more ways than one. Not only does experience in the roles provide invaluable skills applicable to media, marketing and advertising careers, but content that students create during their membership can be collated into a portfolio which will really help them to stand out in the job market.

Head of RUTV, Ben Stone said: “If you love to create videos from dating shows to news shows and comedy shorts to sports coverage then RUTV needs you to apply to join the committee team.

“This growing and learning media stream is an open canvas for you to leave your mark, learn new skills and meet new people from across the country at NaSTA (the National association of Student TV). If you have any questions about RUTV or it’s committee roles, email rutvproducers@gmail.com.”

Station Manager of Junction 11 also highlights the benefits of joining UoR’s student radio team. She said: “Would you like to get involved in reporting on breaking campus news? Uniting music fans of all genres from all corners of the campus? Keep the radio playlists up to date with the hottest tracks of the minute? If so, Junction11 is for you.

“We need a committee of strong characters to help steer the station to help students to find the confidence to develop a show or have an involvement that they are proud of! For any questions, email stationmanager@junctionradio.co.uk”

Getting involved in student media is a great way to improve your confidence, campus and general news knowledge, and to acquire skills applicable to all kinds of industries.

Current Digital Entertainment Editor of The Spark, Raagulan Umashanker said: “Being a part of The Spark has been an invaluable and fun experience. My committee membership has made me more confident in applying for journalism and editing jobs because I know that I can tell interviewers that I’ve had experience in writing and editing.

“The thing I’ve enjoyed the most about my role is reading people’s articles. Every month I’ve read interesting and well-written articles that have introduced me to new TV shows, bands and games that I’m now a fan of. ”

To apply for next year’s media stream committees visit https://www.rusu.co.uk/surveys/207/.

Applications close on Monday, January 20th.

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