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Fifi at the Nursery 10 year Anniversary celebrations. Image credit: Patrick Shiel
Fifi at the Nursery 10 year Anniversary celebrations. Image credit: Patrick Shiel

An update from RUSU: Education

Words by Fifi Bangham, full-time RUSU Education Officer.

You’re excellent  

On October 2nd we launched the ‘You’re excellent’ scheme, as part of the RUSU excellence awards. Post boxes are being placed in different locations around campus, with postcards alongside them. Students are then able to nominate anyone working on campus (not only university/academic staff). Nominees will then receive a pin badge alongside their postcard. I’m excited about the year round staff recognition this will enable.


Assessment and feedback 

As part of my manifesto, I have launched the Focus on Feedback in partnership with CQSD (Centre for Quality Support and Development) at the University. We are aiming to improve the quality and consistency of feedback on assignments. We have collected feedback from student in training sessions and using ROSiE, and have run sessions with staff from the University to help shape changes to policy. We are also looking at rolling out a poster campaign to not only give staff advice on the best way to give feedback, but also to help students with how to get the most out of the feedback they have been given.  


Study spaces  

I have been working on campus wide informal study spaces (funded with money from the Student Support Experience Fund). We have identified 11 spaces to prioritise in phase one of the project, created a spec, and approved the design plans for these spaces. We are excited for the spaces to be rolled out from the end of this term- so keep your eyes peeled! I will be engaging students to identify spaces for the second phase of the study space renovation.  


Alumni supporter award 

I received funding from the Alumni and supporter award for us to run a conference for our academic reps in the spring. We are looking forward to creating an event with an emphasis on boosting employability and leadership skills. The event will be called ‘Life and Leadership’. We are really looking forward to welcoming some really exciting guest speakers to talk to our reps at this event. 


Power sockets  

In mid September, plug sockets were installed in the John Madejski Lecture theatre in agriculture. This is a huge win for the students, as there had previously only been 2 single sockets in th192seat theatre. Over the holiday, work was also completed to install plug sockets in John Nike Lecture theatre, now providing all of the seats in John Nike with a plug socket as well. This was funded by the Student Experience Capital Fund.  


Pro Vice Chancellor interview panels 

In July I sat on the interview panel for the role of PVC for Academic planning and resource. Mark Fellowes had previously been acting in this role, and he was appointed permanently to the position. 


In December I then sat on the interview panel for the Pro Vice Chancellor for Education. I am really looking forward to working with Elizabeth McCrum and Julian Park who have been appointed to the role, and started on 2nd January.  

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