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4 Officers driving around freshers trying to meet all the new students. Image credit: Zeid Sharif.
4 Officers driving around freshers trying to meet all the new students. Image credit: Zeid Sharif.

An update from RUSU: Diversity

Words by Zeid Sharif, full-time RUSU Diversity Officer.

It has been a great start to the year!

Working with all the other officers has been an amazing experience for me! I wanted to take you through a few things I have been working on throughout autumn term. During freshers week I hosted Networking events with the part-time officers for out minority and liberation groups that are represented in our union.

The first networking events was a great success! We hosted a second round of networking events towards the end of November and we are planning to host at least two at term. 


During the start of the year a lecturer in English linguistics approached us and asked for some assistance in his module. Fifi and I had a look through and gave our suggestions. Right before term started, he had asked me to help him facilitate the lecture with him, I have been attending most of his classes in Globalization in language and helping with whatever I can. It has been an amazing experience being on the teaching side of the classroom and you will hopefully see me in another class next term! 


Molli and I have been working closely with the commercial team at RUSU to start the planning stages for Mojos renovation! Unfortunately, we have to drop the idea about an extending the roof to the patio. However, the new renovation should give mojos a brand-new identity and we hope to share it with you soon. 


One of my main manifesto points was improving the food around campus. I have been working with the university catering team to create food tasting groups so students could have their say on what food is served around campus. We have run our first food tasting session last term and we have one coming up at the start of next this term. I have also been working with the RUSU catering team to enhance the food quietly we serve in Mojos. 


We have also hosted a few workshops during the term for relevant celebrations and remembrance days. There are a few things we have started planning for next term. One of which is the cultural show which I have been working on with Daisy and the other is LGBT+ history month with I have been working on with Edda and the LGBT+ society. 


If you are interested in some of the other things I have been doing throughout autumn please reach-out to me or drop me an email.      

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