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10 Best Things about Being a Fresher

Packing your bags and heading off to university can be quite daunting, but there are many perks to being a Fresher. There’s no need to spend hours and hours slaving away revising in the library or start panicking because you haven’t made post-graduation plans. Life’s pretty good for you right now, so enjoy it while you can – it goes by very quickly and you’ll soon find you’re in third year stressing about that 10,000 word dissertation that’s looming!  

This is the time to say yes to everything. It’s also probably the time you can be most carefree. Your second and third (and fourth, in some cases) years will be great too, but it’s not quite the same as needing only 40% to pass and not having grades count towards your final degree mark. Obviously, we’re not advising you to blow off all of your assignments – just don’t stress too much over them.

Coming to university and living in halls can help you meet so many new people, and it’s true when they say you’ll probably meet some friends for life here. Everyone you meet in your halls – even if you don’t stick together at the end of the year – will make a lasting impact and you’re guaranteed to gain countless memories.

There’s nothing like being a Fresher, so we’ve listed ten of the best things to give you soon-to-be first years a sneaky insight. These are the 10 best things about being a Fresher:

  1. Getting your loan for the first time and feeling like you’ve won the lottery
  2. Only needing 40% to pass, because first year doesn’t count
  3. Waking up at 2pm and then watching Netflix in bed for the rest of the day and feeling no guilt
  4.  Living in halls and having cleaners
  5. Going out all of the time because few responsibilities means lots of time to party
  6. Getting excited about everything because it’s all new and different to you
  7. Meeting new people, some of whom will become friends for life (slushy but true)
  8. Waking up with six cones, a street sign and a garden gnome in your bedroom after a night out and feeling like a champion
  9. Playing pranks on your flatmates when they forget to lock their door
  10. Using your overdraft to make elaborate online purchases when drunk (no, I’m not sure why you ordered that glow-in-the-dark water-cooler either)

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  1. dtathgur@gmail.com'

    Sounds like a really irresponsible article for a serious student union newspaper. You do realise that by the time these freshers graduate there will be an intensive competition for jobs (far more serious than any in recent times). “Only needing 40% to pass” simply won’t cut it. Besides this article could have talked a lot about volunteering/community roles that freshers could get involved in to boost their CVs or even get a part time job.

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