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When I Get Home- Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles’s highly anticipated When I Get Home falls delightfully into a musical liminal space. With elements of RnB, soul and hip hop, listeners are thrown into a psychedelic funk ether which nods to both old and new traditions. The album begins with the dreamy “Things I Imagined” that entices listeners to fall under its sweet languorous love spell as they to listen to the song’s experimental jazz guitar and synth. It then moves onto the track, “Almeda”, that consists of a hazy trap fever dream of a Texan cityscape with the piano and bass echoing experimental jazz in the background. The song’s element of experimental jazz shows Solange’s ingenious idea of incorporating captivating sounds (from an older music genre) into her own music and thus creating a unique and brilliant mixture of the old and the new. Following this is the track, “Binz”, that has an exciting change in pace and a jazz bass arpeggio that compliments angelic harmonies alongside dreamy 90s drumbeats. The lack of traditional song structure makes the track feel light, free and full of movement and openness. Although the sounds of “Binz” allude to the likes of Lauryn Hill and Alice Coltrane, it still has the special, original and recognisable sounds of Solange Knowles’s music. This album’s bold and cosmic blend of genres and samples from spoken poetry invites an intimate and pensive listening experience that is guaranteed to excite old and new listeners of Solange as well as lovers of 90s RnB and hip hop.

When I Get Home also features contributions from several high-profile musicians such as Sampha, Playboi Carti, Gucci Mane, Panda Bear, Tyler, the Creator, Metro Boomin, The-Dream, Dev Hynes, Steve Lacy, Earl Sweatshirt and Scarface.

The album’s overall effect is inherently spiritual. It is an enriching homage to black music and culture that is entangled in Solange’s deep pink sun-drenched dreamscape of Texan sunsets, imagination and art. Even though When I Get Home debuted at number 18 in the UK and number 7 in the US, it is still continuing to increase in popularity.

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