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Reading Festival Fashion

Festivals are one of the very few places where just about anything goes. It is an area full of self-expression, enjoyment and style. Even though the musicians are obviously a very vital aspect of attending Reading festival, what would a festival be without it’s wacky outfit traditions!?

  • The Wellies

Wellies are not only an essential item for festivals but they also have become quite the fashion statement – yay. Gone are the days when you have to struggle through the mud in pumps or plimsolls, wellies are finally all the rage. The wackier the better when it comes to the print on your wellies and trust me when I say there are some seriously wacky ones out there.

If you find yourself stuck with some good-old green wellie boots, then do not worry – they are also fashionable and will just be covered in mud at the end of the day anyway (if not way before that). If the plainness of the green wellie is really getting to you then jazz it up by wearing some colourful socks underneath and fold them over the top.

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  • The Fancy Dress

If you have not thought about the concept of fancy dress yet, then definitely get thinking. Obviously fancy dress is not something you need to be doing every day of Reading festival but it is fun to do for one day or evening.

Fancy dress is fun normally but fancy dress at a festival is another level of fun, and a great way to be social. Grab a group of mates and all get creative, go as a group of Sims or Power Rangers – the more out there the better.

  • The Bum-Bag

Bum bags are just generally a handy item to have on you at Reading Festival. You do not want to be stuck in a crowd full of people, moshing to Fall Out Boy and find yourself having to cling on to your massive beach bag for dear life… A bum bag is nice and easy to wrap around your tummy and forget about.

Another plus side, is that it also does not get in people’s way. You do not want to be the person hitting into everyone with your bulging rucksack!

  • The Body Art

The beauty of the body art which emerges year upon year at Festivals is great to follow. We have gone from plain bodied, muddy festival goers to glittered, jewelled and stickered beauties.

Glitter is pretty simple in application, slap it on and you are good to go. The most common place to apply glitter seems to be along the cheekbones – which is definitely handy for girls out there to help highlight and contour. Jewells are usually worn on the face, but obviously find a good glue to apply the jewels with. You do not want them falling off during the day but equally you do not want to be using super glue and be stuck with them on your face for the foreseeable future. Stickers are also worn all over the body and there are some truly beautiful metallic ones out there. Get creative with your body.

  • The Shades

Obviously everyone’s fingers are crossed that Reading is going to be glorious sunshine for the whole duration, so it is best to get sunglasses-planning. You have one of two choices; over the top or minimalistic.

When it comes to minimalistic (being normal) sunglasses, make sure they suit your face shape to make you look the best you possibly can. Take a friend along with you when you shop for them and they can help sieve through the good from the bad.

So, the over the top ones. You do have to be slightly brave to pull these off but as mentioned earlier – at festivals nearly everything goes! By over the top, we mean the glasses with huge flamingos and palm trees attached. Why not!?

  • The Pac a Mac

Okay, so maybe it will rain… there is always a slight chance. Make sure you purchase a pac a mac prior to the event because you do not want to be caught short with front row standing at Disclosure to be stuck in a downpour with no protection.

Happy shopping Reading Festival Goers!

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