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Busted – Half Way There

5 stars 


‘What happened to your band? What are your future plans? I’m like your biggest fan!’  


If you grew up in the early 2000s, there were a handful of practices that every person had to partake in. Birthday sleepovers of course top the list, but there was also knee sliding at school discos, eating toxic waste that burned tongues, using the bubble font, having several club penguin accounts, trading cards, and knowing all the words to Busted’s ‘Year 3000’. This was how important they were to a generation, so when the band decided to spilt in 2005, the heartache was felt across the country as the bands posters were taken down and the haircuts they inspired, cut off. Whilst, this wasn’t truly the end of all things Busted, as the three members went on to have differing solo careers, until 2013, when Matt and James, joined up with Mcfly, to make the ultimate pop party super group, McBusted. But this wasn’t the real thing, so in 2015, when Charlie returned and the old band was back in action, people had high hopes. But they didn’t feel like a noughties pop-punk band anymore, their music, like themselves, had matured. However, Half Way There, is a glorious nostalgia filled throw-back to those easier days.

The album is filled with tracks that fit perfectly alongside their noughties classics, with new track, ‘Shipwrecked in Atlantis’ being a direct continuation of ‘Air Hostess’, and is just a hell of a lot of fun.  



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