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Luke and Rob during a classic bromance moment. Credit: Emer Scully

Band watched ‘cat videos’ and drank red wine during the making of their first album

The band Otherkin watched ‘cat videos’, drank ‘a lot of red wine’, and jumped around the room during the making of their debut album, their vocalist revealed today following their Reading Festival set.

Luke is held up by the crowd. Credit: Emer Scully.

The Spark spoke to vocalist Luke Reilly and drummer Rob Summons about their set, the making of their latest album, and about why Trump is ‘the drunk uncle at the wedding.’

After a set which saw Luke held up by the ankles in the crowd, organise a mosh-pit, join in said mosh-pit, and crowd surf with his guitar, the frontman and drummer chatted to us about their album.

Ok is set to be released on September 29 and Luke describes its creation at ‘the dream.’

He said: “We’d get down ready to start working on the album but we’d get nothing done.

“We’d just spend hours watching cat videos. We’d be like have you seen this video of a man climbing the highest building in Dubai and before you know it you’re at the weird part of Youtube.

“It was the dream, it took 20 days, we recorded 16 songs, and used 12. We’re really happy with how it came out.

“It’s got the sound that we’re going for. It doesn’t have the pristine quality; it just has a unique characteristic to it. It sounds like a little bit shitty, but we kind of like that. It sounds raw.”

Otherkin played a song called ‘Enable,’ based around Donald Trump, but Liam explains how this connection is indirect.

“We don’t want to get bogged down by all the shitty things that are happening at the minute.

“We want to forget about them and just have a good time. We’re not tackling the main world’s problem.

“There’s a song about Trump but it is indirect, it could just be about the drunk uncle at the wedding.”

Otherkin’s drummer Rob explained why artists are all creating single’s about Donald Trump, and the American President’s behaviour.

He said, “It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you’re affected by Trump, or just disgusted by what he says and does. It is crazy what he does; it’s insane.

“We’re not a political band but you just think he said ‘grab a girl by the pussy’ and got elected as President. You can’t ignore that.”

Rob went on to call the band ‘the party band’ and explained how people come to their shows to have a good time. Oh, and they like to stress security out.

Luke crowd surfs with his guitar. Credit: Emer Scully.

He said: “The shows like today is what we want to be doing. People come and know us as the party band.

“Security were stressing out, but I like that. That’s our aim. We stand on people’s heads. We might become more tame the older we get. When we’re fifty, I don’t know how it might work.

“We thrive in sweaty, small venues. If you’re playing on a main stage, it’s pretty hard for Luke to get on the crowd.”

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