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The Lacrosse Society.

Why YOU should join a sports club.

Words by Digital Entertainment Editor,  Raagulan Umashanker. 


University. The prime time in your life to try out new things.  

Why not try joining a sports society? 

Obviously, joining a sports society will give you physical health benefits, but have you ever considered its pros for your mental health, social life and future career? 

Here are some of the reasons why I think you should join a sports society.  

As a fresher, you might experience feelings of loneliness, nervousness and isolation- which is natural for anyone entering a setting full of strangers.  

Fortunately, joining a sports society is one of the best and quickest ways to make friends and to feel a part of the university community. Not only will you meet people who have the same interest in the sport you decided to take up, but you may also discover that they share many of the same other interests as you such as Netflix series, music, or video games. 

You will definitely form strong friendships and maybe even meet someone who will become your best friend, lifelong friend or significant other. Also, to tackle the elephant in the room, you may think that the only way you can make friends in a sports society is by drinking. This is not true.  

Sports societies are not all about drinking. You have the option to drink but you will never be forced to. It would be counter-intuitive for sports societies to force you to constantly drink considering that they want you to be healthy and fit for matches. 

More importantly, being in a sports society is a good way to relax as it allows you to be outside with people whom you enjoy spending time with, which is a good break from the library or lecture halls. 

And although you may worry that joining a sports society will be time-consuming and interfere with your academic workit won’t. Most training sessions are in the evening to avoid clashing with your lectures, seminars or meetings in the morning, midday or afternoon. Even if you feel that you have a lot of work to do and cannot make it to a training sessionthat will rarely happen because you will most often be in a position where you start your work early so that you can complete it before your training sessions. More simply, being in a sports society actually makes you become better at time management.  

Clearly, being in a sports society is beneficial to your welfare, but it is also beneficial in terms of your employability. There have been many cases where university students have been chosen for interviews because employers were interested by the sports they did. Employers also enjoy listening to the different skills that you gained as a member of a sports society in interviews, which can be the key to making you get your dream job.  

So, consider joining a sports society in September. It may seem like a huge personal leap to take, but it will be very worth it.  

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