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Why a 9-5 Working Week is not conducive with the Exam Term

Have you ever been in the library at 10pm, 11pm, 12pm?

Have you even been to Park Bar at 11am because you just finished your morning exam?

Have you ever been in the library at 7 am to get your favourite seat?

Do you find yourself spending your weekends in the library?

If you have then, like me, you are a victim to the alternate universe that is a University during exam term.

Last week, whilst walking into the URS building at 7:30 am, I passed two girls discussing how excited they were to go to bed. There are very few jobs that would expect their employees to stay up all night and yet this situation is a relatively normal one at university. Why is this? Well that’s the million-dollar question and I’m sorry to say that I haven’t got a conclusive answer to it.  However, I do have some ideas:

  • Probably the biggest problem with university revision is that there is no end point, you genuinely can revise forever and still have an extensive list left
  • Co-op is just round the corner so you can pick up food if you decide to stay late (I am guilty of this one.)
  • Take-home exams, 48 hours of stress instead of just 2 or 3 in the exam hall.

It is difficult to know when to stop revising and it is unfortunately very easy to become run down. My biggest tip to try and prevent this (that I sometimes struggle to follow myself) is to understand that you cannot do everything in a day. Putting off a piece of work until tomorrow isn’t lazy if you have already spent the last 10 hours working.

Despite all this, university students don’t have it too bad. We have 1-2 months of extreme stress and work 7 days a week and then a 4 month holiday. Bring on June.

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