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Whipped Coffee Trend Recipe

Have you been scrolling on Instagram or Twitter lately and seen a bunch of people posting pictures of strange looking fluffy coffee’s?

This new trend people have been jumping on during quarantine is whipped coffee which went viral through TikTok, based off of Dalgona Coffee (from Korea), Frappe (from Greece) and Beaten Coffee (from India).

It’s super easy to make and something fun to add to your morning routine now we have some more time on our hands.

Simply add two tablespoons of instant coffee, and sugar to a bowl/glass and add a splash of boiling water – enough to cover all of the solids. Then, using a whisk, electric hand whisk, milk foamer, or even a fork (though this may take a little longer), whisk it all together for a few minutes until it is thick, creamy, and a gorgeous caramel colour. Pour some milk – my favourite is oat milk – into a glass along with some ice, and then spoon on the whipped mixture over the milk, and gently combine as much or as little as you like.

Though it’s a little much every morning, adding some care can really help kick start your day!  

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