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What to do over Summer


  1. Travel

A good website for students is Student Universe. Membership is free and there are great deals on flights and hotels for students. If you don’t know where to go, they also have great tours that you can choose from that go to several places and could easily take up your summer vacation!


  1. Volunteer

There are many volunteering opportunities in the UK such as in charity shops. But it’s always more fun to travel abroad. So instead of just going on a long vacation, you could be helping too. Some good sites are Projects Abroad and Frontier. They have a range of opportunities from 1 week to 12 weeks, and there’s the option to add extra weeks, for an extra cost. There are also internship opportunities so if you plan to take a gap year soon then it could be a great starting place! Although it can be a bit pricey, it is a good way to meet new people, see a new place and gain new skills.


  1. WWOOF

If you’re someone who is interested in agriculture and sustainable farming this could be a good place to start. WWOOF is an organization that focuses on organic and sustainable farming. They have a list of farms in many different countries that are organic and sustainable and allow volunteers to come and help out. There is a membership fee: you pay the membership fee for one country that you would like to volunteer in, as it doesn’t automatically let you volunteer in any country. They have various websites for various countries listing the farms they have there. You then contact the farm on your own to show your interest.


  1. Part time job

This is a good way of keeping yourself busy and earning extra skills while also saving up for a vacation or trip abroad! In the process, you meet new people too. Places to look at are Indeed and Monster which list a lot of jobs. You can also look at career webpages of certain companies and brands that you know you want to work for.


  1. Online courses

Another excellent way of passing time while gaining skills is doing online courses. There are plenty of things available, whether it’s a hobby you want to perfect or if you want to broaden your knowledge on a subject you’re studying at uni. A good place to start is a website called Udemy. Their courses vary in price and are delivered by different people from all kinds of fields. There can be discounts too so look out for those! You might even try something you didn’t know you liked and end up loving it once you give it a shot.


I hope this mini-list helps you in making up your mind about what to do in the summer. Otherwise, if you plan on taking a chill pill this time round, you can put your feet up and watch Netflix all day. Either way, make it a good one!

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