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Photo by Max van den Oetelaar on Unsplash
Photo by Max van den Oetelaar on Unsplash

What is it to stay calm, cool and collected?

Today, many people are dealing with stress and they do not know how to stay calm with all the studies around. A stress response is a high activation in the body and brain where there is no adrenaline, negative emotions, panic and anger. There are three main ingredients to deal with stress which are: confidence (to deeply trust oneself); hedonia happiness (thing that give us pleasure by accomplishing or achieving things); eudaimonia (happiness that comes from making a difference). Dealing with stress is very important because when we pass through with negative experiences it sticks in our brain like glue where we are often overly sensitive to what we perceive to be threats. This leads to us overestimating the scale of the problem where we need to be more vigilant to be calmer when we focus on the negative. 

Six steps to help us deal with stress during our studies are: (1) prioritise the work you need to do; (2) do the most important thing you need to do first; (3) be focused when you work where it goes with 90-minutes working without any disturbance then 15 minutes of a break then repeating (90-15-90-15-90); (4) turn off notifications and keep your phone away; (5) stop multitasking, stay focused on one thing at a time and eliminate all distractions; (6) make waves (focus 100% then disengage).  

Stress can cause a lot of things whether it is with our health or relationships in our lives. This cause us not to be able to enjoy life where it is believed that it is better to stay calm. By doing so, it has been suggested that we could do activities such as mindfulness, being out in nature and exercising.  

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