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What is Bumble?

Bumble, the social networking app with over 70 million users connects people across dating, friendship and professional networking. Whatever type of relationship it is, women make the first move on Bumble. Bumble recognizes the importance of relationships and how crucial they are to a healthy, happy life. They’ve built their platform around kindness, respect, and equality – and their users play an important part in that. Bumble holds its users accountable for their actions and has zero tolerance for hate, aggression or bullying. Bumble is available in 150 countries. Since 2014, Bumble has facilitated over half a billion women-led first moves and over four billion messages sent. Bumble is free and available in the App Store and Google Play.  

Our ambassador team has been making moves in Reading this term, with events in QClub, Sponsored Pres, and hand out merchWhether it is seeing us walking around campus with our bright yellow tote bags, yellow water bottles or the ‘Download Bumble’ stickers all around the University, we can’t be missed. 

 If you don’t know already, your Bumble Team for this year are: 

Zayna Hussein – Media and Publicity Lead 

Nell Worthy – Events Lead 

Tillie Winchurch-Beale – University Lead 

Firstly, we were at the EP Fresher’s Fair giving you exclusive knowledge that Bumble was coming to Reading this year and to our Facebook Page ‘Bumble Reading Events’ to keep up to date with all things Bumble. 

We hosted a bar tab night at Q Club on Friday 18th October. We handed out a lot of Bumble stash, which you all couldn’t get enough of and for everyone who showed us their profile on the door, they received a drink token to be use at the bar for a free drink. Now who doesn’t love a free drink on a night out? I know we do! This was a huge success! 

We gave five societies the chance to have their Pre’s sponsored by Bumble. Bumble very kindly sent us a lot more stash for you all for these events and it was all gone within minutes. So far, we have had Hockey and Swimming, and these have been a big hit. We will have more lined up over the next few weeks so keep an eye on our socials to see what you could getting. If your society wasn’t chosen this time, don’t worry! We still have the rest of the year left and so many more exciting opportunities to work with you all. 

We also have five new additions to our Bumble team. Natalia Dalenkta, Josh Bryant, Lauren Kendall, Priya Kumar and Kaitlyn Griffin will be BFF’s joining our team for this year and we are so excited to have them on board. 

We have a very exciting event planned this month and trust me it is one that you DO NOT want to miss! We will have plenty of merch to give out. 

Your Bumble team will also be hitting the slopes with RUSNO in just a few weeks’ time and we are ready to paint the slopes yellow. 

We are always open to new ideas on events we can put on for you all. So, if you have something specific you would like us to do then please message us on our Instagram’s below: 

Instagram: @zaynahussein @nelliebethxo @tillie.wb   

We’re looking forward to continuing to do events on and off campus. Make sure you follow our Reading Bumble Facebook group where we post about what’s coming next or follow our Instagram’s to see what’s been happening with Bumble.  

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