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Emer ate a really bad chicken chow mein. Credit: Emer Scully

Up your game, festival food trucks

There are a variety of foods available at Reading festival, most of which are at the low low price of just £10 per meal.

These meals, however, are mass produced, and outside of peak times can have been left sitting for a while.

Of course there are many problems festival food trucks must face, including huge crowds at peak meal times, and no crowds outside of these times.

However, there is no excuse for what I was presented with last night. Chicken Chow Mein is my favourite takeaway option, and this slop in a container has no right to be calling itself anything but slop in a container.

For £8 I was given what can only be described as ‘bitty’ noodles, dry chicken (which was piled on top), and a questionable sauce.

To my dismay, I failed to check what I was eating before I ordered, and when the lid was lifted off the noodles my high hopes plummeted.

What made it worse was the fact I had really, really thought about what to have for dinner, and with all the options available, I truly believed a Chinese would be the best option.

Alas, this was not the case.

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