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UK Festival Tips and Tricks

Words by Holly Fournier, Print Lifestyle Editor for The Spark 


Before packing for a festival I’m always thinking of the essentials that I might need, or some festival hacks to ensure I have the best time without bringing too much stuff. These are some tips I’ve found to be useful: 

  1. Ensure that you bring a pack of baby wipes. No shower? Baby wipes. Muddy? Baby wipes. Need to remove that insane amount of glitter that’s all over you? Baby wipes. Got burger sauce all down your fancy new top? Scrub with a baby wipe. Baby wipes are super handy at festivals and are very multipurpose and inexpensive. All you need is one pack for the weekend and they can be the answer to lots of your problems! 
  1. Bring dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is perfect because if you’re not showering for a couple of days then dry shampoo is the answer. It also means you won’t have to bring bottles of shampoo and conditioner (which you really don’t want when you’re walking for ages in the scorching sun to find the perfect spot to set up your tent) because dry shampoo is an incredibly light product.  
  1. Don’t bring a battery-operated pump for your air bed since the cheap ones run out of battery very fast. Bring a foot pump; they’re much cheaper and are more reliable because your air bed won’t remain fully blown up for more than one night and when your batteries run out you’ll be glad you’re not sleeping on the ground for the rest of your weekend. 
  1. Fairy lights. Battery-operated fairy lights last a very long time without needing to replace the batteries, and they can make your tent look lovely at night time. If you can hang them up somehow in your tent, they’re also great for when you’re rummaging around for a hoodie at 3am instead of looking for your torch that’s at the bottom of your bag. 
  1. Save money by bringing your own food. There are many options for meals at festivals, but they can be ridiculously expensive so bringing your own breakfast and lunch and just buying dinner at the festival will save you a lot of money. For breakfast, bananas, apples and cereal bars can fill you up easily. You can even prepare a sandwich like cheese and marmite for the second or third day because this will be fine for a while without being in the fridge. Snacks like crisps, chocolate bars and nuts are also perfect to keep in the tent. It’s a great feeling to not spend something ridiculous like £10 for a burger and chips everyday (I’m exaggerating, but I can’t help it) from a stall within a festival.  
  1. If you haven’t been to a festival before, before buying your own tent, sleeping bag, air bed or camping bag ask your friends or family to see if they have these things. It’s a great way to save money because most of the time someone you know will have something you can borrow  
  1. Bring spare warm clothing. Although you might want to wear your fancy Coachella-inspired outfit that you’ve been planning for months, the British weather is super unpredictable, so you might just end up wearing jogging bottoms and a rain coat each day. Especially when you can’t dry these things, when it’s raining you’ll be glad you have spare clothes! 

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