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The Sunniest Part of the UK: Gibraltar.

Gibraltar is a stunning British Overseas Territory situated on the south coast of Spain. It’s over a thousand miles away from England, making it a spectacular tourist destination (and home) to the British.

Home to the Barbary macaques, Gibraltar has some impressive wildlife. These apes live on top of the Rock of Gibraltar, a famous 426-meter-high limestone rock which rises out of the sea. The rock is an incredible tourist attraction. You can climb the Mediterranean steps, an exhilarating experience where you climb to the top of the rock by foot to see the most stunning views of Gibraltar that the cable cars simply can’t provide! I personally found this activity to be my favourite during my visit, since it was so satisfying when I got to the top and I found that the views were to die for.

However, if climbing’s not your thing, you can still see many beautiful sites located on and around the rock. St Michael’s Cave is a stunning tourist attraction where you can go inside a huge cave and explore it. Colourful LED lights are lit up all around the cave for that extra wow factor.

If you’re brave enough, you can do the Skywalk (it’s pretty thrilling) where you walk on a glass floor high up on the rock with a view of the ground beneath you.

Gibraltar has some amazing restaurants, and cocktail bars are everywhere. Whether you’re looking for an Italian, a classic British pub, or tapas and sangria, you can find these all located in Grand Casemates Square.

If you’re searching for a boat trip in the sun, look no further than a dolphin safari. For an hour you can watch the dolphins come up really close to the boat whilst also seeing flying fish! The dolphin safaris are very ethical too; the boat driver never tries to force the dolphins to come close to the boat for tourist attraction, you just watch them go about their day naturally and they love coming up close to the boat anyway!

It goes without saying that there’s no nightlife popping in Gibraltar. However, Marbella is on Gibraltar’s doorstep. You can catch a 30-minute coach just outside of Gibraltar’s border in La Linea for only £8. Just book a cheap Airbnb and you’re all set to go!

It’s lovely how at home you can feel when visiting somewhere so far away yet be in the UK. Gibraltar is a must-visit bucket list trip.

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