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The best and worst places on campus

TOP THREE: 1.Harris Gardens, 2. Saturday night Union, 3. Ice House 

WORST THREE: 1. URS, 2. HumSS – Van Emden Lecture Theatre, 3. The toilets on a Union night  



  1. Harris Gardens – This 12 acre botanical garden was established by the University in 1972, when the Department of Botany moved to Whiteknights. It is set within the grounds of what was originally a Victorian house but has since been demolished. Take some time to explore the University’s hidden gem on the edge of campus.
  2. Union (on a Saturday night) – As of this year, the student union now boasts four separate rooms, with music expanding over more than one decade.  It is now one of the largest clubs in Reading and is known for its awesome atmosphere on a Saturday night. Enjoy a snake-bite while getting down to the best playlists in Reading.
  3. Ice House – Situated in Wessex Hall, Ice House is open everyday. With a slightly more relaxed atmosphere than Park Bar, it offers a cinema night as well as cocktails superior to elsewhere on campus, and multiple other drinks. Two for one is available every day so there are no excuses!


  1. URS  – The complicated structure and endless corridors make this building a mission to navigate around. Its ugly exterior ruins the aesthetic of the surrounding campus, mainly because of its bizarre architecture and out-dated design. Considering it only consists of two lecture theatres, it does almost seem like a waste of space.
  2. HumSS Van Emden Theatre – Cold and uninviting, the Van Emden Theatre is found on the first floor of the HumSS building. Its lack of up-to-date technology makes lectures run less smoothly compared to Henley’s plush G11, which is situated just next door.
  3. The Toilets on a Union Night – Because of its unmanageable queues on busy union nights, the condition of the SU toilets are dissatisfactory to say the least. Throughout the night they are completely unkempt and left in a poor state, after drunken student after drunken student tramples through them, drinks flying everywhere.

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