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The Benefits of Bringing a Bike to University

WITH increasing fuel costs and hefty car insurance premiums for young drivers, bike travel is a sensible alternative to owning a car whilst at university. If the busy bike stands around campus are anything to go by, students are realising the benefits of bringing a bike to university.

For those in halls, parking your bike on campus does not require a permit; unlike parking your car which requires a hard to come by parking permit, setting you back £20 per term. Most halls have secure bike sheds and stands and there are plenty of stands outside the main campus buildings. For those living off campus in halls or housing, getting to campus by foot can be a trek.

Going by bike means that you can get to your lectures much faster allowing for that tempting snooze button to be pressed a few more times. On those cold rainy days, getting to Agriculture will no longer seem like trekking the length of England without a map.

Conveniently, Campus Central is now selling a light set for only £5.99 and a heavy duty lock for £16.99. Alternatively, there is a Decathlon, in the nearby Forbury Retail Park, which sells bikes and accessories at reasonable prices. Decathlon is also available online where you can pick up a helmet for as little as £6.50.

Owning a bike at whilst at uni is a practical, low-cost and environmentally friendly option that gives you less time in the rain and longer in bed.

Photo: Glen Gostlow

Photo: Glen Gostlow

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