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Tackling Youth Loneliness

Words by The Spark’s Print News Editor, Sabita Burke. 

A student-orientated social media giant, The Uni Bubble, has recently created a Facebook group aiming to combat loneliness amongst students.

The Uni Bubble aims to tackle student loneliness across the UK and Australia.  


The group is named Tackling Youth Loneliness – The Uni Bubble. It is a closed group, meaning the administrators are able to keep it a safe space with a high level of privacy.  


Anyone who is a student or a young person is welcome to request to join.  


The Uni Bubble is an online organisation which promotes student life. You may know them as the guys who pop up in your news feed with spicy memes about how little studying they’ve done all day 


In fact, The Uni Bubble cares not only about what crazy stuff went down at the last rave we attended, but also about our welfare.  


The group is designed to be a community to give students a safe space to discuss youth loneliness and to support one another.  


The group currently has over 2,900 members and is active with many posts from students all across the UK. Post topics range from individuals reaching out to others who may be going through the same struggles as them for support, to people from specific universities asking if anyone would like to meet up.  


Taylan Gull, part of the Uni Bubble team who I already knew, said: “When we published an article around how unexpected the feeling of loneliness at university can be, I saw that thousands of students were reading, commenting on and sharing the piece. It was clear from the response that loneliness was an issue facing loads of students, but that it wasn’t being spoken about enough. So, we decided to create an online community which would give students a space to connect with others who are experiencing the same thing while also helping to lessen the stigma around youth loneliness. 


She added: “I’d encourage them to join the group anyway and take a look at what else has been posted in the group. There’s no requirement to post in the group so if someone feels uncomfortable doing so then there’s certainly no pressure for them to.  


The group is a really supportive space so they don’t need to worry about feeling judged if they do want to post. 



We’re also introducing a feature where group members can send us an anonymous message and we’ll post it in the group, to help those that might want to come to the group for advice but are apprehensive speaking out. 


It is important to try and break down the stigma surrounding loneliness, and to tackle the idea that at if you are at university this automatically means you are constantly surrounded by friends.  


Remember, there is no shame in loneliness. It is not a failure. 

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