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Strawberry Sherbet – Cocktail Recipe

Perfect for long summer days, or for a boozy taste of childhood nostalgia, this sugary sweet punch is deceptively strong. It tastes like liquid Pixi Stix and is always a crowd pleaser. And with three easy to find, cheap ingredients, you can get the whole crowd tipsy for under £20!


What you need:



-Lime cordial

-lemonade (entire 2L bottle)

-Mixing bowl

-Measuring cup


How to do it:

-Pour four cups of Vodka into the mixing bowl. (if you don’t have one, four cups is roughly most of a standard bottle)

-Add two cups of grenadine and two cups of lime cordial.

-Give it a thorough stir, or the grenadine will simply sink to the bottom and sit there.

-Pour the whole bottle of lemonade over the mixture, and give it all another quick stir to combine.

-Serve it up!


Don’t forget to be careful, as this punch is pretty strong, but doesn’t taste it!

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