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Spring Student Wellbeing Survey now open

It goes without saying that we aspire to be the best we can as we pursue higher education. However, our academic ability is constrained by many factors that can be out of our control, whether that is our finances or our housing arrangements.

Despite the majority of undergraduate students paying £9,000 in tuition fees a year to the University, there are few channels of communication where students’ anxieties and issues can be raised and understood.

The University does not truly learn what we care about, what our grievances are, until we are about to leave University in the National Students’ Survey. It is important for those who teach, manage and serve Readings’ student population to understand what drives student wellbeing, especially against a backdrop of increased tuition fees. It is for reasons such as these as to why we need to be providing feedback throughout our time in Reading so that the University can act accordingly.

The Department of Economics has set up the Student Wellbeing Project to study just this. This project seeks to build a longitudinal dataset by surveying students every term to gain a detailed understanding of what affects student wellbeing and how wellbeing changes over the student life-cycle. The feedback received from the Autumn-Term wellbeing survey has been excellent and forms an effective foundation for the following waves of survey.

It is for this reason we need you!

Following the success of the previous Autumn-Term survey, we are calling all non-finalists undergraduates (First, Second and non-finalist Third years) to fill in the Spring-Term Wellbeing Survey.

If you have previously completed the autumn survey we would really value you completing the spring survey, as well as those who have not filled in the previous survey. The questionnaire consists of mainly tick box answers and will take no more than five minutes to complete. It is completely anonymous, and your input could help shape University policy, addressing areas that are dear to students’ wellbeing.

The survey is live from Monday 19th January (week 2) until Friday 20th February (week 6).

To fill in the short survey for the Student Wellbeing Project, please log onto RISIS Web Portal here, where you can find a link to the survey on the front page. We will also be setting up survey stations across the campus, so keep an eye out for them!

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Max James at m.l.james@reading.ac.uk.

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