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Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash
Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash

Places to spend a date in Reading.

Date Ideas in Reading 

While Valentine’s day has been and gone, there’s never a bad time to take out someone special. To help keep your dating lives active, here’s some ideas for what you could get up to. 

  1. AnEscape Room  

There are currently around three or four companies in Reading offering Escape Game experiences, and these are perfect for a date as, if you’re thinking on your feet, it’ll be easier to avoid any initial awkward moments. Escape Rooms are also suitable for double or group dates. 

If you’re hoping for a chance to get a little closer, Escape Reading’s The Vampire Slayers has a sixteen plus ‘scarier version’ complete with jump scares to get your hearts pounding.  

  1. RedKangarooTrampoline Park 

Not just trampolines; a session at this leisure centre includes activities such as a slide, dodgeball court and tons more. Another fun option that breaks the ice and can apply to a group date. 

  1. Explore one of Reading’s museums.

These are perfect for colder weather. top choice is the River and Rowing Museum. Located on the Thames itself, this museum date can easily turn into a day out if things go well no matter the weather, whether it be a walk along the river for a picnic or a stop for a meal in the museum café. While not quite as local as you may like, it’s easily accessed via train if you’re unable to drive.  

Other options include Reading Museum of English Rural Life, which has free admission, as well as the Museum of Berkshire Aviation, which holds a huge mix of exhibits to keep you occupied. These won’t appeal to everyone, but if exploring museums is your thing, doing it together is an excellent date idea. 

  1. Food!

A destination desired by even the poorest of students, Café Yolk offers a nicer atmosphere than your typical greasy spoon and great food to boot. If your date isn’t impressed by a cosy brunch at Café Yolk, however, it may be worth reviewing your options and trying something neither of you have tried before. 

Bhel Puri House offers Indian Street food with a popular vegetarian menu. For a more hand’s on experience you could even try barbecuing your own meat at The Soju, a delicious Korean barbecue restaurant. Customers are encouraged to share their dishes, and there’s potential for fun even if no romance blossoms.  

  1. Reading Climbing Centre

The climbing centre offers several classes and pathways, so no matter your ability you’re sure to have fun. Even if one or both of you are complete beginners, the instructors are friendly and will show you that climbing is a fantastic hobby to take up. At the end of your session you could even make the decision to sign up for further climbs together, which could be exactly what longer-term relationship needs. 

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