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My foray into the fashion world

Nearing the end of First Year, I fell into a deep panic about life and the future. I knew that Public Relations was an area I was interested in but I was also dying to work in the glamorous Fashion industry and so I intensified my search for experience combining both.

Finding work experience in the current economic climate is very hard but finding one in media within the fashion industry is like trying to draw blood from a stone. Time and time again I was informed that I could not be offered experience without previous experience. Finally, my internet search led me to a small PR company called Style News; a company that specializes in providing content for other companies. This means that many of the articles you see on leading websites could be written by Style News on behalf of the company. Content provided ranged from Street Styles, to articles on current trends and Fashion Week reports.


 After an interview, I was offered the position of unpaid intern from June 2013 to September 2013 but expenses were covered.

I was very excited to find that my boss to be was also an in demand stylist and as such I would be assisting on set at various shoots. My summer was set and it was going to be fun and fabulous.

This turned out to be both wrong and right. I did have a great deal of fun and was able to meet celebrities and go backstage at shows during Fashion Week (both men’s and LFW) to speak with designers. I was a member of the exclusive Press Circle. However, there was a lot of heavy lifting; picking up samples for shoots: because Fashion can be very last minute, and running through central London trying not to bump into tourists. I also spent a great deal of time outside trying to shoot Street Styles in the boiling sun. My computer and I became such firm friends as I was constantly checking, sending and replying emails which is surprisingly exhausting and time consuming.


 Due to the company being relatively small, I was able to learn a great deal from the director of the company; Charlene Campbell who I was working under. Her ability to balance the various duties she had was mind-blowing.

I would advise anyone trying to work in the industry to never stop looking for that first experience opportunity, no matter how hard it seems to be because once you have that, doors open up for you. Be prepared to work your butt off: I came to quickly realize that the pressure captured in the movie ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ is not exaggerated. Most importantly, when you get into the industry, network like crazy! Shy people do not make it in out there; speak out and get to know all the ways you can serve in the industry you are interested in because the job market is expanding so rapidly.




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