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My Favourite Winter Fashion Staples

Winter is my favourite season of the year fashion-wise. To be able to bring out my best coat and winter boots is something I long for during the summer. When it starts to get cooler and the pavements outside my house are scattered with beautifully-coloured autumn leaves, I automatically get ready to switch my wardrobe into my favourite fashion staples for winter.

For shoes, you can’t go wrong with some Dr. Martens- the iconic winter boots. Although they are spenny, priced at around £139, they are one of the best investments I have ever made. I wear them almost every single day during the winter because they are a staple piece that go with almost every casual outfit I wear. If you are vegan or don’t agree with leather, Dr. Martens do some wonderful vegan boots that are still just as sturdy and long-lasting as the leather ones. Also, many shoe shops have 20% student discount weekenders (if not, 10%) so you’ll be able to get a staggering £27.80 off your boots, making the investment even more worthwhile.

A smart overcoat is a classic winter staple. Especially in a camel colour, you can’t go wrong if you are going for a sophisticated look. You could funk the coat up and dress it down with some Dr. Martens or dress it up with some heeled Chelsea boots. Although as a short person I struggled with finding the perfect smart overcoat that fit my arms without being too long, I went for the Boohoo petite range in the end as the other fits in Topshop, New Look and Primark didn’t fit.

Autumnal lipstick is my go-to for winter. I love Topshop lipsticks and the one I adore at the moment is in the shade ‘wicked’. As a deep purple colour, it is perfect for winter and works well as a contrast with a light-coloured jacket or coat.

Lastly, my classic everyday winter outfit is a jumpsuit with a long-sleeve, deep-coloured t-shirt underneath. It is super comfortable for lectures, whilst still giving off that classy vibe. My favourite is an all-black one from Miss Selfridge, and I pair this with a long sleeve top which you can get very inexpensively from Primark.


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