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Loyalty App Supports Local Businesses

LoLo is a new, free local loyalty app that rewards people for supporting local businesses and has just launched in Reading. The loyalty scheme, set to go nationwide, is initially launching in six areas across the UK, including Reading, High Wycombe, Bromley/Orpington, Hackney and Wakefield. It provides a mobile app platform, with a payment, reward, redemption, marketing and feedback system all in one simple to use place.  

This app has two sections, including LoLo Eats and LoLo Local. LoLo Local helps shoppers save money on everything including local high-street shops and professional servicesLoLo Eats saves shoppers money when visiting local cafes and restaurants or placing takeaway orders to eat at home. 

This app has come in response to the challenges high streets across the country are facing. It is there to both motivate people to shop locally and reward them for doing so. 

The mobile app is available to download, and you can immediately receive free access to £20 worth of LoLo Loyalty Tokens that you can spend and use to access discounts from all of the participating businesses- an ideal way to save money while at uni! 

Once you have completed the purchase you will be rewarded with additional Loyalty Tokens which can be used to support even more local businesses. There are also extra rewards to be earnt by inviting friends and family members to sign up by sharing your unique QR code that others can scan. 

Ian Jones, co-founder and CEO of LoLo says: “The beauty of LoLo is that the more local businesses and customers join the free loyalty platform, the more they will all benefit.  Each time a customer makes a purchase with a local business using their loyalty tokens, they receive more tokens in return, that they can then spend again at the same business or redeem at another participating shop, mechanic, butcher or restaurant, etc. LoLo is the gift that just keeps giving.” 

Every time people spend money, they are casting a vote on the future community they want. If we want vibrant local communities then we must support the local businesses who employ local people and pay local taxes.  When we spend money with international online giants, we send the money away from our community. Supporting local businesses helps to keep the money circulating in our local community.” 

The LoLo app is now available to download via Android and iOS. 

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